Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy New School Year!

Greetings most loyal readers!
    This week in my life I have been taking inventory of lesson books and school subjects I need to take this school-year.
     And what poultry we’re going to buy this year. Did you know that there are retirement farms for chickens?!?
     What school subjects are you doing?  Does anyone have a scratch-your-noggin question to be answered? Or a topic related to academia that you would like to discuss?

Quote for the Week:
“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”. Bonus points to the lucky person who guesses the author!   
Word of the week: Mysophobia
Earliest documented use: 1879
MEANING: Who can find the definition of the word?!

History for the week: The Hyksos!!
This week I’m touching on those mysterious nobodies that conquered Egypt and left no bodies (no pun intended!) behind: the Hyksos. Let us explore the Who, Where, When, and Why of these mysterious nobodies.     
      WHO? The word Hyksos translated from ancient Egyptian means “rulers of foreign lands.”
They brought their own gods from wherever they came from, but they also worshiped the Egyptian god of death and chaos, Seth. (Weird!)

     WHERE? They were probably from Palestine or Canaan or even somewhere from Asia.

     WHEN? The Hyksos first showed up in Egypt during the 11th dynasty BC, and by the 15th dynasty BC, they ruled Upper and Lower Egypt, but by the end of the 17th dynasty BC, they were run out. (It is called “THE GREAT HYKSOS EXPULSION”!! Seriously, that is what it is called.) 
             (Illustration courtesy of Hayle Daye)
     WHY? Why did these mysterious people conquer Egypt?
Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

No, we're not Nerds, thank you very much!

A new blog. How quaint. But wait! This blog is totally different than other any other. Why? Because it is written by moi, a teenage home school student.  On here us non-nerdy  home-school students ponder, discuss and talk about our love of history, science, literature, geography, music, astronomy, photography, chemistry, art, even math if your heart so desires! The unique and wonderful part of homeschooling is that if we love a subject our learning doesn’t end when we leave the class room. And if we have questions about those subjects we can ask any time of day, not just during class.  And that fellow homeschooler is what this blog is all about! This is where we can ask those random, useless, those random, perplexing, scratch-your-noggins, downright silly questions. Or if you have the answer to one of the aforementioned questions, answer away!
  But what if you don’t have a question? Then tell us what interesting fact you’ve learned, or book you’ve read, or fascinating place you’ve visited, or your 4-H projects!
    Occasionally we will be graced by a mysterious and quirky stranger who will answer our curious questions and give us “useless facts” that may just save your life some day! Who is this mysterious stranger? You will see my preciousss. 
    As I said I’m a home-school student in 10th grade and a proud 4-H’er. I’m in the dog obedience and showmanship project, and photography, and horse and poultry and many others that I don’t remember!! My hobbies are reading, raising poultry and training my two dogs, riding horses whenever I get the chance, playing the piano, and recently needle arts and ancient coin cleaning. My plan after I graduate is to go to a college with a good archaeology program.
    So let’s get this show on the road!! “Cricky get the bags! Let’s move it heifer!”
     (Bonus points if you know what movie that’s from!)