Monday, September 5, 2011

Hammerhead Facts

     Random question: Do you think that riding a giant dragonfly would be more fun than a riding a roller-coaster?

     The author of last week’s quote is Aristotle, and the definition of last week’s word is ‘THE FEAR OF DIRT’.
       And now a short biography of...Charles the Hammer.
      Charles Martel (aka Charles the Hammer) was a Frankish military and political leader and is remembered for his military genius. He was born roughly around 688 AD and died in the 740’s.
     Charlie is famous for winning the Battle of Tours (Oct. 10, 732 AD) which stopped the invading Muslims from taking over Europe. He helped with the development of feudalism and knighthood and was the grandfather of Charlemagne.

     He served as “Mayor of the Palace” in Austrasia (modern eastern France, western Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) and ruled the Merovingian dynasty “de facto during an interregnum (737–743 AD) using the title “Duke and Prince of the Franks”.
     Quote of the Week:  A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in. ~Greek proverb
     Useless, Random Fact: The Romans thought that because walnuts are shaped like the brain, they could cure headaches.
     Words of the Week:  De Facto –“In Fact” In practice but not necessarily ordained by law.
     Interregnum- Time in between one reign and the next.
      The mysterious and quirky stranger will appear next week, so you better ask your questions this week!   



  1. Enjoyed the post Beth! And I think riding a dragonfly would be way cooler and therefore not as deathly scary as riding a roller coaster. :)

  2. Oh good grief! You really should sign out Bethany! That was me commenting... So just pretend I said the above statement.